May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom! (part 2)

(Please excuse the dorky look on my face)

I would like to wish my mom a happy birthday! Not only is she an amazing woman, but an excellent mother who loves each of her three children with all of her heart. She is my hero and the woman who has had the biggest influence on who I am today. I love you mom! I miss you, too!

May 9, 2008

Newport Aquarium

On Tuesday, we went with Jon, Megan, and Colin to the coast. We went to the aquarium for part of the day. It was really fun and better than we were expecting. We had been hoping for sunshine, but it was cloudy and a little cold, but we still managed to have fun. We're so glad they came to visit and are now sad that they're gone. Hopefully they'll come back to visit soon!!

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May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday so I just had to give a quick shout out to her. She is so much fun and is truly one of my best friends. She is so thoughtful of everyone and I'm trying so hard to live up to her legacy. It's so hard being so far away from her, but I feel so lucky to get to see her fairly often. I hope you've had a fabulous birthday, Mom!! We love you!!

May 5, 2008


This last week has been so fun with my parents and Jon, Megan, and Colin coming to visit. We went to Bryan's blessing yesterday, so I took a bunch of pictures so everyone can see how big he's gotten. Then we had a birthday dinner for my mom since her birthday's tomorrow and she's driving home today. We're sad we won't be with her on her birthday, but we had a fun party!! Here are a few pictures I put together. :)

May 1, 2008

Guitar Hero III

About a month ago, Ang and I got Guitar Hero III for the Nintendo Wii. We didn't realize how much it would consume our lives (mainly mine). We find ourselves staying up late every night for the sake of rock n roll.

Me jumping off our couch while playing, "Rock n Roll All Nite" by KISS

Not only have we become video game rockers, but we now have something in common with teenage kids everywhere (and cool adults, too).

My top six songs to play on this game (in no particular order) are: Suck My Kiss (Red Hot Chili Peppers), One (Metallica), Cult of Personality (Living Colour), Cliffs of Dover (Eric Johnson), Paint It Black (Rolling Stones), Through the Fire and Flames (Dragonforce).

Angie can play, too. Check our her awesome score!