December 16, 2008

Fun Visit with Steph and Dallin

We've been blessed with such an awesome family that comes to visit often and last week, Steph and Dallin came out and stayed with us! It was their first time to Oregon and I hope we left them with a good impression. :) We had so much fun with them!! We did so many fun things. We went to the Children's Museum in Portland, went to the park, saw some Christmas lights, went to Rob and Kristi's, went swimming, and got some GOOD hot chocolate, which I am now addicted to. :) We tried to give them some local flavor by taking them to a couple good restaurants, which they ended up loving. :) We're sad they're gone now, but we were so happy to have them here!! Thanks for the pictures, Steph!

December 12, 2008

To Send or Not To Send?

I need opinions. Should we send Christmas cards this year? Since we don't have any kids, I really don't want to mail around a picture of just Dan and me. :) But I don't think just a card with a few words and our signatures would be terribly exciting. What do you guys do or have you done before kids??

December 8, 2008

More of Eugene

So Dan and I decided we're staying in Eugene for at least 9 more months. It was time to renew our lease on our apartment so we had a decision to make. Well, I HATE moving and have done so much in the last 4 years :) that I really didn't want to move if we were staying in Eugene. That is, unless it was going to be a permanent move into a house or something. However, we aren't sure we want to settle down here. Hence, the 9 month lease. I'm still loving living here and exploring. And I'm definately not missing the snow - except on Christmas. I always love snow on Christmas. And I can't wait until our annual 4 inch snow storm that closes down the town. We do love the diversity and weirdness Eugene brings to our (well, mainly my) sheltered lives. We're very happy with Eugene and are excited for the upcoming months here!