July 12, 2010

Trip to Florence...Oregon

'Sup my bloggas? It's been a while. Glad to be back. ...Okay, now on to the fun stuff.
Since we've been having some hot weather lately, the Mrs., the little man and I decided to head to the coast and cool off. Yep, Drew had a say in the decision making process. Here's the equation he came up with:

95 degree weather + no air conditioning = trip to the coast

I'm telling you, he's a freakin' genius. I think the Baby Einstein videos are rubbing off on him.
We headed straight west to Florence and went to the beach at the awesome Heceta Head Lighthouse. It was 60 degrees and cloudy on the beach and we had to wear our light jackets. How many places can you get weather like that in the summer? We loved it!
Afterward, we walked around old town and got ice cream at BJ's. If you remember the movie "Big" with Tom Hanks, you'll remember the teenage version of his character makes the life-changing wish at a Zoltar machine. I'm happy to say that BJ's has such a fortune telling machine. Did I make a wish at it? No way. I saw what it did to Josh Baskin.
Here are some pics from our fun trip:

Our family.
Nothin' but love for the little man.

This picture has a deeper meaning, I'm sure.

Playing in the sand for the first time. He loved it!

At old town in Florence.

KJ at the Zoltar machine. Be careful what you wish for.

Drew has a way with the ladies.

Owen has a way with the sand.

This will make a good blackmail picture when he's older.

July 4, 2010

The Latest

We've been pretty busy the last little while. Drew's getting so big and learning so many new things - it's been so much fun! We got Drew's 6 month pictures taken by Brenley and she was kind enough to snap a few family pictures as well. They turned out AMAZING!!

We started Drew on baby food when he turned 6 months. He's been doing really well and L O V E S it!!

With one exception. He HATES peas! We've only tried them twice so we'll give it a few more tries. He'll take two bites and then refuse to eat anything else after that except a bottle. :)

We had a fun 4th of July (well, 3rd of July). The boys were festive in their holiday gear.

We met with Johnny and Kaitlyn to celebrate Birthfather's Day (a little late because we were out of town) and Johnny's birthday. It was fun to see them again! I love this picture of Johnny holding Drew.

We had a BBQ that night with some friends and did some small fireworks, which Drew really liked. He'd wave his arms around and stare at them. :)

I love our little family! We're having the best time!!