September 25, 2012

Our New House

We finally bought a house! We had to wait 5 months after putting in our offer, but it was well worth the wait.

(This is a cell phone picture and it's rainy and cloudy today so that's why it looks a little dark.)

The yard (front and back) is in pretty bad shape. We'll have a lot of work to do (and we've already done some) come spring. But the rest of the house looks great! At least, it will after I can get everything unpacked. It's such a great house for us. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a bonus room (the BEST playroom), and an unfinished basement for us to grow into.

We were staying at my parent's house while we found and bought this house. We didn't want to waste money renting while we looked and we knew it wouldn't be too long. Drew LOVED living there! There was always someone to play with (besides boring old mom :) and I loved watching him get to know his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. When we first moved into our house 2 weeks ago, he was pretty confused. The day after we moved, we had to go get some stuff from my parent's house. Drew walked up to the front door, and as my mom opened it, he said excitedly, "We're home!!" Another night as I was rocking him before bed, he asked where Grandma and Papi were. (Drew came up with calling my dad Papi on his own. I love it. It started as Pa when he wasn't talking so much, then turned into Pape (pa-pay), which was my favorite, and now it's Papi.) We had a long talk about who lives where. :) Such great memories were made living there and we're so grateful for the time we had there.

As soon as I can get my house looking somewhat organized and decorated, I'll post more pictures. And maybe a better outside picture. One day we'll get there. We're just happy to be in our own house again!

On an unrelated note, HOW and WHEN did my baby get so big??!! He is SO much fun! He's hilarious. And he is SMART. I'm so grateful for my little boy!!

September 1, 2012

Drew's Favorites

I had a fun conversation with Drew tonight while I was trying to distract him as I was clipping his nails.

Me: How old are you?
Drew: 2!
Me: What did you have for lunch?
Drew: A ham-a-burger (hamburger)
Me: Where's your favorite place to go?
Drew: Outside
Me: What's your favorite food?
Drew: Um, ham-a-burgers, cheese, cold noodles, and ham-a-burgers.
Me: What's your favorite show?
Drew: George! (Curious George)

I think there was more to this conversation, but I can't remember it all. Oh how I love this boy of mine!