August 18, 2008

Lane County Fair

This last Saturday, Dan and I went with Rob, Kristi, Aaron and Bryan to the Lane County Fair here in Eugene. I had been excited for this for awhile. It was pretty fun, but it was SO HOT!! It was in the upper 90's, which is really hot for Eugene. We still stayed for a couple of hours - they had pretty good rides, good food, and pretty good shows. They had this huge monster truck that they were giving rides on. It looked pretty cool, but it was five bucks for a ride! Rip off!

Rob and Kristi went on a ride and then Dan and I went on a different (and in my opinion better and more thrilling) ride. They were four bucks so we decided one was good enough.

Aaron LOVES Cotton Candy! I had no idea, but when I bought some and we got him to eat it, he kept coming back for more. It was actually handy though because if he wouldn't walk where we wanted him to walk, I would bribe him with the Cotton Candy. :) I'm such a bad influence...

They had pig races that we watched for a little while. The little pigs were so cute! I decided I'd have a baby pig as a pet someday. :)

Dan took off to get us an Elephant Ear to snack on and while he was gone, he ran into Smokey the Bear and got his picture taken with him. I had no idea he did this, but I love that he did. I think I'm rubbing off on him - this is something I'd do. :)

They had a guy named Dizzy Hips that does a hula hooping show that I was SO excited about! Where else can you see a guy that specializes in hula hooping?? So we went to his show and I was actually a little disappointed. He spent way too much time telling stupid jokes instead of doing tricks. Although I must say, when he did do his tricks, they were pretty impressive. So I'm happy we went - I doubt I'll get another chance to see something like that. :)

Here's a cute picture of Rob and family. :) I'm glad they came with us - they made it so fun!

August 15, 2008

Long time, no blog

It has been a while since we last posted on our blog. The last time Angie posted, I had just turned 30. Argh! Fact is, I don't feel old at all. To those of you who are dreading this milestone, don't sweat it. I feel the same as I did when I was in my 20's (see, you can say stuff like that when you're my age).

Anyway, Ang and I got a little culture in our lives during the past three weeks (and no, the fact that we were so bored and saw two movies at the theater a couple of Saturday's ago doesn't count). We attended a Scandinavian Festival last Saturday out in Junction City. It was entertaining for about an hour. The best part of the festival was the food. We had Swedish pancakes and a Finnish funnel cake (which was strikingly similar to a normal funnel cake). I also had a Swedish meatball-filled pastry that was surprisingly awesome! I'd definitely go back next year, but mainly for the food.

We visited our friends David and Kathy who just moved from Eugene to Medford recently and hung out with them down there. Ang, Kathy and her kids went to Ashland to see the sights and walk around the shops. It's a fun town to go visit for a weekend. I met up with them for lunch at a place called Louie's. They have some awesome garlic feta fries!

We also went out to the Oregon Sand Dunes and took a couple of dune buggy rides with a work associate of mine. We got up to 85 mph in those things! We even rode out to the ocean. It was both fun and adventurous for us.

Oh, and we went up along the McKenzie River and made a campfire and had s'mores with our Cub Scouts. We also visited a fish hatchery area up there, as well. Good times!

Those have been the highlights of our past three weeks. And keep in mind that we took none of these pictures.

The picutres came from the Scandinavian Festival's website. Check out the awesome music at the beginning!