December 26, 2010

One Year!

My baby turned 1 today! Actually, in about an hour, he'll officially turn 1. One year ago, I witnessed the miracle of my baby coming into this world. It's something I'll never forget. Thank you so much, Johnny and Kaitlyn! Our year has been full of fun, learning, adventures and excitement. We couldn't be happier to have Drew in our famliy. We love you, Drew! Happy Birthday!

December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Dan and I have been looking forward to today for a long time. I love that Drew is old enough (he turns 1 tomorrow!) to open presents and play with them for his first Christmas! I was giddy last night just thinking about him coming out of his room in the morning to his presents. And he didn't disappoint! He loves play kitchens, so we decided to get him a manly BBQ grill (I was the most excited for this gift), which he loves. He had a busy, busy day playing with new toys, running around, and hanging out with my brother and his family, who is out here visiting. I love that we get to have some family around for Christmas!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!