May 8, 2010

Happy Birthmother's Day!

I found out a few days ago from this website that I visit often that today is Birthmother's Day! I didn't know there was even such a thing. I was already planning on celebrating Kaitlyn on Mother's Day, but I LOVE that there's a Birthmother's Day! (We'll celebrate her tomorrow too!) Birthmothers (and birthfathers) definately deserve their own day.

Johnny and Kaitlyn were so awesome and arranged their schedules to meet up with us today so we could give Kaitlyn a little gift and spend time with them. Oh how I love those two!

I LOVE this picture of Kaitlyn and Drew! So sweet! Thank you, Johnny and Kaitlyn, for EVERYTHING!! We love you and are so grateful for you both! I wonder if there's an official Birthfather's Day...if not, I'm starting one!