November 17, 2010

November 11, 2010

Halloween in Utah...Kinda

We decided to take a last minute trip to Utah a couple of weeks ago. We didn't decide until the day before because Drew had been sick, but he got better quickly so we drove out. Drew did so well on the drive. In Dan's words, "he was a champ!"

We drove out on Saturday (which is the day Utah celebrated Halloween) but got there much later than we planned. So we ended up dressing him up on Sunday for about 5 minutes so everyone could see his costume. I "made" a Mickey Mouse costume because he loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. :)

He had so much fun playing in Grandma's cupboards! Luckily there's one upstairs designated for toys.
Gavin is quite possibly the happiest baby I have ever seen! He loves people and will smile at anyone. He's thrilled when anyone's around that he can play with.
Steph was so nice to include Drew in her and Dallin's reading time. Even though Drew doesn't look like it in this picture, he loved it!
Drew LOVES dogs. He was beside himself at Steph's house playing with Abby. He followed her around and around their kitchen island, under the kitchen table, pretty much everywhere. :)
I haven't been great at taking pictures when I go to Utah lately. I used to take a million and this time I barely even pulled my camera out. At least I was able to get some fun moments!