January 5, 2009

Surprise Visit

Last Monday, Dan and I (with the help of my sister, Jodi) decided it would be fun to drive down to Utah and surprise my family. So, on Tuesday afternoon, we hopped in the car and stayed in Boise that night at our friend's house. We got to my parent's house in Eagle Mountain Wednesday afternoon and here's their reaction:

We had so much fun out there! We were able to see everyone and got to go to the New Year's party my mom had put together. I had been so bummed that I wouldn't be able to go. She has the best parties! We got to go to movies and just hang out. Jodi and John even treated us to a night at Inn on the Creek in Midway. I love Miday! It was so much fun! The only bad thing on our trip was that I got rear-ended (we were all fine), but the cop didn't give the other guy a ticket. Don't get me started on that one... We drove home all day yesterday and had pretty good weather with the exception of a couple of areas. Here are some pictures from our trip, as always. Thanks everyone for such a fun trip!!