February 12, 2012

Missing Oregon

I haven't posted anything about Eugene or leaving Eugene because I haven't let myself think about it much because I miss it so much. I'm so grateful to be living by family again and that's ultimately what we wanted, but it doesn't make leaving Eugene easier.

I miss our house. I loved our house. Our old, quirky, ugly-on-the-outside-but-beautiful-on-the-inside house. I miss our wall of windows along the back of the house. I miss sitting on my couch, looking outside, and feeling like I was outside. I miss Drew running around the "circle" in the middle of the house.

I miss our yard. It was big, fully fenced (which was a dream with an active toddler), had a big, covered deck, and it was beautiful. Full, green grass. Gorgeous, tall trees that provided welcome shade on those hot summer days.

Of course I miss living close to these two amazing people. Drew's birthparents are so strong, so beautiful, so wonderful, and we love them so much. (And yes, I have a more current picture of them with Drew, but this one is my favorite. :) Luckily, Oregon isn't too far away so we'll still be able to have visits with them.

But quite possibly the thing I miss most are the friends we made. So many wonderful, amazing, FUN friends! Countless dinners, play dates, walks, parks, lunches, everything.

My girlfriends planned a girl's night the night before we packed up the truck to move. I wish I could've packed them all up and brought them with me. :)

My oh my, how Drew loved his friends! I'm so grateful we moved before he could figure out how to say any of their names because I know he'd still be asking to play with them.

Yes, I love it here in Utah. I love being close to family. And Drew loves his cousins - all 17 of them.

But that doesn't mean I won't have sad days where I miss Oregon so much my heart hurts. Hopefully we'll get to go back soon to visit!