February 12, 2012

Missing Oregon

I haven't posted anything about Eugene or leaving Eugene because I haven't let myself think about it much because I miss it so much. I'm so grateful to be living by family again and that's ultimately what we wanted, but it doesn't make leaving Eugene easier.

I miss our house. I loved our house. Our old, quirky, ugly-on-the-outside-but-beautiful-on-the-inside house. I miss our wall of windows along the back of the house. I miss sitting on my couch, looking outside, and feeling like I was outside. I miss Drew running around the "circle" in the middle of the house.

I miss our yard. It was big, fully fenced (which was a dream with an active toddler), had a big, covered deck, and it was beautiful. Full, green grass. Gorgeous, tall trees that provided welcome shade on those hot summer days.

Of course I miss living close to these two amazing people. Drew's birthparents are so strong, so beautiful, so wonderful, and we love them so much. (And yes, I have a more current picture of them with Drew, but this one is my favorite. :) Luckily, Oregon isn't too far away so we'll still be able to have visits with them.

But quite possibly the thing I miss most are the friends we made. So many wonderful, amazing, FUN friends! Countless dinners, play dates, walks, parks, lunches, everything.

My girlfriends planned a girl's night the night before we packed up the truck to move. I wish I could've packed them all up and brought them with me. :)

My oh my, how Drew loved his friends! I'm so grateful we moved before he could figure out how to say any of their names because I know he'd still be asking to play with them.

Yes, I love it here in Utah. I love being close to family. And Drew loves his cousins - all 17 of them.

But that doesn't mean I won't have sad days where I miss Oregon so much my heart hurts. Hopefully we'll get to go back soon to visit!


Heather said...

Oh, Angie, I understand!!!
And we should get together again soon.

Kelly Stoddart said...

having a fenced yard really does make all the difference! I am glad that you liked Oregon and have good memories of it. It will be fun to go visit now!

Hope said...

I totally get it! We have moved twice since June, and it's always so hard! So nice being close to family, though.

The Huffs said...

amen! We miss Eugene too!

taryn said...

awww!... eugene misses the phelps too! when are you coming for a visit?

stephschmidt said...

I love how much you love Oregon! We always loved coming to visit you - it really was a special place with it's own "feeling" there. But I must say, I'm happy to have you here :)

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