September 22, 2010

One Year Ago

One year ago, I had some family out to visit for a football game.
One year ago today, my mom and I went shopping.
One year ago today, while in TJMaxx, Dan and I got a call from Brent, our caseworker with LDSFS.
One year ago today, I had tears streaming down my face in the middle of the store as Brent told us that there was a couple that was considering us to adopt their baby.
One year ago today, Dan and I learned about Johnny and Kaitlyn.
One year ago today, our lives changed forever.
I saw the number on my cell phone and knew it was Brent.
I was in the middle of showing my mom a coat I wanted.
Brent said Dan was on the line too and I knew instantly that it was good news.
I remember everything so precisely.
I remember Brent's voice so clearly.
He told us about Johnny and Kaitlyn - about how there was a baby on the way, due December 24, 2009.
I remember wishing December was the next day.
I remember going into the changing room with my mom and crying as I told her.
I remember her saying "this is it."
My mom grabbed a pack of onesies to celebrate - yellow and green because we didn't know if it was a boy or girl.
I remember rushing out of TJMaxx so Dan and I could email Johnny and Kaitlyn.
And so started the whirlwind.
A whirlwind I relive in my mind all. the. time.
A whirlwind that I LOVED every second of.
This year has FLOWN by.
I love adoption.
I love Johnny and Kaitlyn.
I love that I can't even think about all of this without crying happy tears.
I can't believe Dan and I are so lucky to have Drew.
He is spunky,
he is happy,
he is smart,
he is our forever family.

September 13, 2010

Busy Day

Drew had a busy, busy day today.

He worked on his look.

He rearranged the bar stools.

He feng shuied the diapers.

He recycled an old magazine.
He read some books.
He pulled himself all the way up to his feet for the first time.
And he still managed to have fun with Daddy at the end of the day...
Isn't he the sweetest boy?