January 24, 2010

First Bath

Last Tuesday, Dan and I gave Drew his first real bath! It was so much fun!! Drew did really well. At first he didn't seem to care for it too much, but then got in the groove of things and seemed to like it. By the end though, he was done. :) He loves to have his hair washed and brushed. In fact, when we were just doing sponge baths, I think he could tell when it was time to do it because he'd always get so calm but he'd have this excited mood about him. One of my very favorite things is to wash and brush his hair because he loves it so much.

Today I gave him a bath and when I started brushing his hair after, he made an "ahhhh" noise. It was so sweet!! Here are some pictures of his first bath from last week.

And the finished product with his hair all nice and neat. :)

January 19, 2010

In your face!

I love this picture of the little man. He looks angry, but he was just getting excitement out of staring at the couch.

Now I Get It

Before Ang and I became parents, I wondered why most people with children always blogged about their kids and nothing else. After being a dad for almost four weeks, I'm beginning to see why. From my experience thus far, my son has joyfully consumed our lives. Everything he does is of interest to us. We'd rather watch him lay around and do nothing than watch TV. His existence alone makes the rest of the world seem less exciting.

I've come to learn that my child makes me feel life is more worthwhile simply because he is in it.

Alright, enough of the mushy stuff. Here are some pictures of our little man.

Just chillin'.

The little man was happy last night (but he looks like he's being controlled like one of those marionette puppets in this picture).

Drew sure loves to cuddle close to his mommy.

...and he doesn't mind sleeping on daddy, either.

January 10, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I haven't been good at blogging lately...I know there are things I need to blog about. But being a mom is BUSY! But I'm absolutely loving every single second of it!! Until I can find the time, hopefully this picture of Drew will suffice. :)

January 3, 2010


One thing that I absolutely LOVE about Drew is that he is such a snuggler! He loves to snuggle into my chest and just look around or look at me. He looks so intently like he's trying to figure everything out or trying to tell me something. I took this picture with my phone so the quality is really bad, but wouldn't you just love to have this sweet face looking up at you??