July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Dan!!

Today is my cute Dan's 30th birthday! I really feel blessed to have him as my husband and best friend. He is so sweet, fun and entertains my crazy ideas - even me making him think of fun things to do for his birthday week. :) I felt bad he had to go to Medford from Monday to Wednesday this week, so he didn't get to do anything fun those days. We have so much fun together no matter what we're doing. He has made our move to Oregon so much easier than it would've been and I'm really grateful for him. I know this picture doesn't show his face very well, but I know he loves the pictures of him and his sister at the World Series a couple of years ago, so I had to put this one up. Happy Birthday, Dan! I hope you have a fun day! I love you!

July 21, 2008


Dan and I went to Seattle on Friday and Saturday for a mini-vacation with our friends Dan and Lori and their kids. It was tons of fun, but we were so worn out since we hadn't totally recovered from our trip to San Diego - not that I'm complaining. :) We ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe (cool setting, but the food was NOT good), walked around the Space Needle (we didn't go up it - too expensive!), went on a roller coaster that I thought would for sure crumble to the ground, went to a Mariners game, and went to Pike's Place. I had never been up there, so it was fun to see. We had really nice weather and it was fun to be with friends. I'll post another slide show since I apparently think our pictures are too awesome to leave out. :)

July 17, 2008

Road Trippin' to San Diego!

Last week, Angie and I drove to San Diego for vacation. We met up with one of Angie's sisters and her family down there. This was my first time to San Diego and I absolutely loved it! San Diego and the surrounding area is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone, except people who suck. They can go to L.A.
Anyway, there's so much I could ramble on about regarding our trip, but I'll spare you and give the highlights:
-We pulled off to get gas in a northern California town called Weed. I think Snoop Dogg is the mayor here.
-California was pretty smokey from all of the wildfires in the state. At one point in northern Cal, the smoke was very thick and brown. I swear this state looks like a giant fart outside, especially from outer space.
-Pulled off the freeway to get gas and ended up in a dirty part of Oakland. Good times!
-We stopped in San Francisco to stay the night and visit my sister. We ate at a kick-butt restaurant called Luna Park. They even let you make your own s'mores.
-Sea World was a blast! I wasn't too excited to go at first, but I ended up having a great time. Shamu and Co. put on a great show.
-We hit up Legoland and were amazed by all of the creations they had made out of Legos there.
-Stopped by the San Diego temple and walked around the grounds. This temple is highly visible off of I-5 and is a very beautiful and peaceful to walk around.
-Ang and I took a long walk on the beach at Mission Beach. We saw dolphins swimming out in the ocean! Very random and pretty cool.
-Went to Carlsbad beach to play in the ocean. Great times!
-After swimming in the ocean, we changed in the car (didn't even shower to get the salt water off of us)and headed straight to Petco Park for a San Diego Padres game. I love going to major league ball parks! One of my favorite things to do in life.
-We paid $4.77 per gallon for gas! Ugh!
-In-N-Out Burger. This is a must if you're traveling to California.

Unfortunately, we didn't run into Ron Burgundy or anyone else from the Channel 4 News Team. Oh well, maybe next time.
We have pictures, too. Enjoy the slide show!

July 1, 2008

Birthday Week

So I absolutely LOVE birthdays. I totally make a big deal about them (well, mine and Dan's). I love doing birthday weeks where we do something fun every day for the entire week. Unfortunately we were both sick for a few days out of the week, so some of our "fun" things were pretty tame. On Sunday, we invited Rob, Kristi, Aaron, and Bryan over for dinner to kick off my birthday week. They're so cute and they brought brownies and cut ANG into them. It was awesome. Monday, we got Rock Band for the Wii! Dan had to go to Coos Bay for work from Monday to Wednesday so I went with him. We had so much fun! Tuesday, we ate at my favorite restaurant there, Benetti's and then went to Sunset Bay and walked along the beach. The water was actually warm enough to walk in, so I was ecstatic! Then we went to this ocean lookout point and just watched the waves for awhile. I love being on the coast! Wednesday we were both not feeling great, so I think we just made cookies that night. Thursday was another yucky day so I think we just got take out for dinner. Friday, I had a girl's night with a bunch of girls from my ward (we do it once a month to celebrate birthdays) at my house, which was so fun. But at the end, there were just a few girls left, someone came to my door (at around 11:20 - we were a little confused...). It was Jodi, John, and Tysen!! They had come to surprise me for my birthday!!! I was SO excited! I couldn't believe it!! I screamed a little and I think I kept saying 'are you serious??' It was so fun to get to know Tysen better. He's so dang cute. He is so easy to take pictures of because he's so smiley all the time! He loves watching John sing on Rock Band. He would just stare at him! He was so fun! So they stayed for the weekend and we had tons of fun!! It was HOT HOT HOT in Eugene, so Saturday we went to the coast and it was so much nicer. We went to Depoe Bay and to the beach. Sunday, we went to the rose garden and saw some fun things unique to Eugene, like a Sailbus. It was a VW bus with a boat welded to the top. Gotta love Oregon. :) I had so much fun this week!! I love my birthday! Thanks everyone for making it such a fun week!!!