June 19, 2010

Birthfather's Day

Last month we celebrated Birthmother's Day. I'm still not sure if there's really such a thing as Birthfather's Day, but in our house there is! The day before Father's Day is now officially Birthfather's Day.

Isn't this the sweetest picture of Johnny with Drew? Makes me cry.

Happy Birthfather's Day, Johnny! Thank you for all you've done for us. We're so grateful for you and we love you!

June 12, 2010


I've been terrible at blogging lately. I don't have a ton of free time and that time usually goes to other things. So here's what we've been up to lately.

Drew has started rice cereal. He L O V E S it! He's been ready for awhile, but I waited until he was 5 months. He now has cereal twice a day and makes the biggest mess! It's one of my favorite things. He loves drinking out of cups, which also usually makes a mess, but it's the funniest thing!

We took Drew to the park and put him on the swings for the first time. He loved it at first and then got bored. :)

I went to get Drew up in the morning and he was laying like this in his crib. He moves all over when he's sleeping. He'll usually make at least one full circle every night. It's fun to see where he is whenever I check on him. One morning, he woke up like this and I had to laugh because I may or may not have slept like this (sideways, taking up most of the bed) growing up. I think my sister, Steph, would have a few things to say about it...

We finally got Drew a saucer (I don't know what they're really called now). I'd been anxious because I knew he'd love it, which he does. His favorite thing is the bird - he spends most of his time in there trying to eat it. He gets frustrated because it spins so sometimes it's hard for him to grab it.

This was on Memorial Day. Shortly after this picture, I took the shirt off because it's still a little too big - hopefully it'll fit for the 4th of July! Drew is so happy, so good-natured, so content. We're having so much fun with him!!

June 1, 2010